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What benefits can Nutchup provide you with?

Are you looking for a real game changer that fully satisfies your taste buds and is 100% natural?

NUTCHUP is an original brand that successfully offers an innovative squeezy peanut butter in foreign markets. By focusing on our customers' needs, we have created the nut sauce in 23 delicious taste varieties! Our recipes are based on 3 basic nuts - peanuts, cashews and almonds. We offer sweet and salty flavours, as well as special versions suitable for vegan (we are V-label certified for vegan products), gluten-free and ketogenic diets (for instance a unique new baby of our brand – Ketonella – which combines an amazing chocolate flavour, creaminess of peanut butter and ultimate convenience of use). What’s more? You can be absolutely sure that our nut butter is entirely preservatives & palm oil free and it does not contain white sugar!

Nutchup presents you with unlimited possibilities of consumption – it can be paired with pancakes, salads, smoothies, even with burgers or pizza! You can eat it in combination with fruit, ice cream, during travel and in the office. It's also a brilliant addition to children's meals!

Let yourself experience new flavour combinations, taste new mouth-watering dishes, enhanced by the delectable taste of Nutchup nut butter!